CT Scan (Computer Guide Tech CGT)

New Implant Dentistry Technology Ensures Comfortable Treatment, Precise Installation and a More Perfectly Aligned Smile CT Scan Computerized Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Gustavo A. Garces. 

Would you like the placement of your dental implants to be minimally invasive and exceptionally precise to ensure an optimum restorative result?

The fastest growing technology in implant dentistry is the use of CT scan (“Cat Scan”) imaging data and CAD-CAM planning software to provide guided surgery for precise accurate placement of dental implants.

Benefits of the CT Scan and Computer-Generated Planning for Dental Implants:

The power of using CT scans in implant dentistry is truly amazing. This new computerized 3D technology to generate a unique Surgical Template just for you has many benefits and advantages over traditional dental implant placement.

  • A Gentle Approach – The single most important benefit for you as a patient is that Dr. Garces can visualize your jaw structure on a computer without having to surgically cut and expose your jaw. This gentle dental implant treatment combined with sedation dentistry ensures comfort during and after the procedure.
  • Increased Precision – This advanced technology allows the position of your dental implants to be thoroughly planned in advance, which allows for precise placement for a optimum restorative result. Plus, the CT Scanner allows Dr. Garces see things that may not be seen with traditional x-rays to minimize unwanted “surprises” during placement of your dental implants.
  • Minimally Invasive – Compared to conventional dental implant placement, computer-guided dental implant placement significantly reduces the amount of discomfort and swelling. Combined with sedation-dentistry options, you can peacefully drift off to sleep and when you wake up your treatment will be over.
  • All Restorative Needs – From a single missing tooth to the restoration of an entire jaw of missing teeth, computer-generated dental implant placement utilizing NobelClinician software and a NobelGuide surgical template optimizes restorative outcomes for patients.